How to choose a Phone System for your Business

Your business’ phone system is the direct line to customers, key contacts and suppliers. This is why the phone system is typically the first equipment purchased. With so many different options, the dynamic technology evolution and the flexibility in some systems, COMTEX can find the perfect choice for your business and its impending growth.

Where to start

Consider the features available in the market: hold, transfer, redial, intercom and conferencing. Many special features are also available: music-on-hold, voicemail, automated attendant, paging, hands free operation and call restrictions.

You should also consider factors such as:

  • How many lines will you need?

  • How easy is it to use?

  • How fast is your business growing?

  • What other equipment do you plan to use?

  • What features do you really need? 

  • Can this system be expanded easily as your needs change?

  • How many handsets and locations will you need?

  • What will the power requirements be?

  • Will they work in case of a power outage?

We can help you understand your options

Our support technicians can assist you with systems issues, training, remote changes, technical support, and configuration changes to name a few. 

Please let us know how Comtex can assist your business needs.  Thank you.