Planning an office move, or building a new facility? It’s important that you have a properly installed Structured Cabling system that will support various technologies for many years to come. A properly designed office cabling system will safe guard against expensive surprises.

Comtex knows Structured Cabling is an integral part of any business, that is why we are here to help you make an informed decision. Our structured cabling team has the knowledge and expertise required to ensure that your business is up and running with zero disruption. There are several solutions and designs to consider regarding the infrastructure. Some of those include: fiber to the desk, Category 6A, type of cabinet / racks, MDF/IDF layouts (IT or Telephone Room).

Comtex offers a full range of Structured Cabling solutions for your business, including voice/data cabling, data center cabling, network/LAN wiring, multimedia cabling, voice wiring, internet connectivity and wiring for various technologies that include phone systems, paging, etc.

Contact us today for assistance with structured cabling design and implementation processes.